Mistress Dolores in Altea

Rates - also called tributes

There is a booking fee of 50 euros, non-negotiable (unless I know you and I know you won't stand me up). This amount will be detracted from the fees below. These fees are based on the session taking place at my flat. If you would like me to come to you, there will be an extra charge. Get in touch for further details. 


Oh, and don't EVER ask for a discount!


How to pay the booking fee: Via bank transfer or a gift voucher, I will give you the details once you have contacted me via the booking for here.


Chastity Keyholding Service

See my page here for detailed rates and packages. 

(Please note that spaces are limited every month, so you have the real experience of being controlled by me - you are not just a number.)


Online session

I no longer offer online sessions


Just me at my flat - a regular session with any of the fetishes from my list

60 mins (minimum) - 200 euros

90 mins - 250 euros

2 hours - 300 euros

3 hours - 450 euros

4 hours - 600 euros

6 hours - 750 euros

Overnight - 1200 euros



Me and myhusband at my flat (see more information here)

90 mins (minimum) - 350 euros

2 hours - 400 euros

3 hours - 500 euros 



Just me - dinner in a restaurant in Altea and a session at my flat

The whole evening starting at 19.00 until midnight - 500 euros plus you pay for dinner