Before you get in touch, please read these frequently asked questions:

Q. How can I gain your attention?

A. That is a wonderful question, thanks for asking. If you wish to make sure you have my attention and you yearn to show me that you are sincere and interested, buy me a gift card to (with the recipeint email address of and contact me with the form on my booking page or send me an email directly mentioning this gift card comes from you. This way I know you are for real - unlike many, many men who just want to waste their time and mine.

Q. I am not exactly sure what I am looking for, can you help?

A. I have some more information about that on this page. Read that and if you are still unsure, be in touch.

Q. How may I address you?

A. Mistress, Ma'am, Mistress Dolores, Goddess. I expect you to show respect at all times, but as we get to know one another, we will find out how our dynamic works best. Some prefer more loving, motherly interaction, some a more strict approach.

Q. How do I book a session?

A. You will contact me via the booking form here , and I will get back to you for further communication. For repeat sessions when we have already sessioned before, you may email me directly. 

Q. Can I book a session without a deposit?

A. No. There are many time wasters out there and I will not get all dressed up and excited for a session just to be disappointed by a no show. This is only for a first session. If it isn't your first session with me, I will not require a deposit.

Q. How do I pay the deposit?

A. The only way I currently accept a deposit at this point in time is a gift voucher - it is easy and straight forward, and I will give you all the necessary information via email once you have made your first contact.

Q. Which languages do you speak?

A. I speak several European languages (if I do reveal them all, I would be easy to track down, I try to remain a bit anonymous for my children. Please understand that). English is by far my favourite for kink and D/s, Spanish is my fourth most fluent language. If you would prefer another language, ask me when you contact me.

Q. What can I expect from a session?

A. You can find a detailed description of that here .

Q. I am dominant, can I book you to sub in a session?

A. No, never.

Q. How soon in advance should I book?

A. The sooner, the better. My flat is also used as holiday rental and will need to be available, so peak season may be tricky. Last minute booking might be possible, so you can always try.

Q. Can you come to my hotel / home / city?

A. Possibly. Travel expenses will be paid by you, I will arrange my own accommodation if I do travel to a different city. Outcalls are subject to a screening process, I will need to see your ID for example. I aim to stay safe at all times.

Q. Do you offer online sessions?

A. No, Ido not offer that anymore. Too many time wasters makes it tedious and not worth my time.

Q. What do you wear in a session?

A. It depends on my mood, but you may make a request. I will not do nude sessions.

Q. Do you use safewords?

A. Yes, I nearly always do. If you haven't sessioned with me before, and request a no-safeword session, I probably won't take your application seriously. It indicates you are not cautious with your own mental and physical well-being. If we know one another, with time, we can move towards no-safeword sessions.

I recommend “red” for stop and “orange” for slow down.

Q. Are you discrete?

A. Yes, and I demand the same from you. We both have normal lives outside of BDSM, so everything we do in a session stays between us. I require to know something about your identity to keep myself safe, I hope you understand that. I will never divulge any information to anyone for any reason.