An Amazing Experience 

I travel with some frequency, so if you are interested to know if I am coming to a place near you, you can sign up on my mailing list to be informed when I publish it on my blog. You can do that here.

These are the different types of sessions you can book:


Just me - a session in my flat

Have me to yourself and get deep into the dynamic between us. You will be able to tell me which of my fetishes that interest you the most, and I will get into your head and under your skin so we both have a fantastic time. You may opt for the more in-depth Submission Session or a more fun and relaxed Bottoming Session (as explained in more detail further below on this page).


Me and my husband - cuckolding / forced bi / double male submission

My husband will join us for the experience of your dreams. Maybe you long to be cuckolded by a well hung bull with a reliable hard-on or perhaps you love the idea of ​​two men grovelling at my decadent feet (he is the only man I will let near me in a bull capacity. I do not want you to be bull and my husband the cuck).

Me and my female friend - High protocol dinner

You will serve me and my female friend (who will not join any other activites, so do not ask!) dinner with high protocol. You may wear your favourite maid's outfit. You and I can finish the evening off once my friend leaves.

Just me - dinner at a restaurant and a session at my flat

For this experience we will meet at a bar for a drink early evening where we will break the ice, chat and get to know one another. I will have sent some nice pictures of the under garments I am wearing, so you find your mind wandering to places under the dress I am wearing.

Then we will proceed to a restaurant of my choice where I will seduce you and drive you wild for the session we will enjoy after dinner. The desire will build up and by the time I open the door to my flat, you will be desperate to kneel and offer yourself to me. Just imagine it :)

NEW - Chastity and keyholding with a Pro Domme

If you crave feeling controlled by a Domme but you are far away from me, sign up for a month of chastity. I will control if/when you are allowed out of your cage or when you may cum - or not at all. You will send me daily updates and at the end of the month, we will have an online session where you get release. Or should we continue for another month?


This is not for players, this is for men who yearn for control. I will not accept many subs for keyholding every month - I want this to hold reality for both of us when you sign up to do this.


You will get 1 picure of my holding your key per week and random checkups to see if you are wearing your cage, plus an "end of the month" session (in my flat or online) for your final release.


On my Booking page, you can now apply for an monthly chastity control.

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New to BDSM and submission?

I take great pleasure in introducing kink and submission to men who have no real experience. I am caring in my guidance, so you can feel confident exploring a whole new wonderful world. I will be more than happy to be your first experience.


If you don't know exactly what you are after or what the difference between submitting and bottoming is, let me explain it briefly here. Do some more searching online if you still feel unclear. 


In my experience, men fall into either of these two categories when they look for a professional Domme:



You offer yourself to your Domme, she takes control, she reigns you in, she decides everything. What you do, you do for her, not for yourself. You aim to please, you dream of being used. You feel peace when you hand over control, and you kneel before her as an act of deep self fulfillment.

This dynamic goes deep and might take some time to reach by getting to know each other better. It takes a lot of dedication from the sub! I expect an awful lot from a man who wishes to submit to me.



This looks pretty much just like submission to an unknowing outsider. The acts that we partake in are similar, but the reason you do them are more to fulfill a particular fetish. The things you do, you do (partly or mostly) for your own (sexual) gratification, more so than to please your Domme. 

Fetishists I find most in common with are foot fetishists, piss players and age players, including taboo play mommy / little boy for example. There are hours and hours of fun delving into any fetish you may have.


What does Mistress Dolores prefer?

I generally prefer submission, but I totally understand that not all men are interested in investing the dedication and time that this entails - that is why I decided to do professional sessions. So if you have a particular fetish you cannot fulfill elsewhere (feet, piss or whatever it may be on my list of fetishes), I absolutely love kinky games in a safe setting where you can indulge in all the dirty and wonderful fetishes you so desire... 


I provide the space for you to be whoever you want to be for a few hours, I will not judge you, you are safe to let go with me.