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If you aren't exactly sure what you are after, please read a more detailed description of your options here  as well as my fetish list here. If you scroll down, on this page here, you will see a description of what you can wexpect from a session with me.

You can apply to meet me by filling out this form and I will get back to you.


In your message, give me a description of what you are dreaming of. The more detailed you are, the more interesting, fun and deep our encounter will be – for the both of us. I want to be deep inside your head, so let me in. 

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Apply for a session with with this form:

It is an unfortunate truth that most men who contact me are time wasters, and if you wish to let me know from the start that you are serious, buy me a gift card on to my email addres

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What to expect from a session

When we have decided on the specifics (hour of the day, time you wish to play for, interests, etc.), you will come to my door. It is a normal flat on a regular, busy street, discrete, inconspicuous. I will set the flat up specifically for play. You will be asked to shower, there will be towels, mouthwash, everything you need to freshen up. When you have done that, we will sit down for a little chat, to find out how you feel, how nervous you might be, anything I might need to know for a smooth session. 

I will guide you through everything. You will be in safe hands, I will respect any limits you have communicated to me, and I will respect it if anything comes up mid-session. I can read you, but if you want to, a safeword is always a good idea.

I will take into account all of your desires as previously communicated, but I will set the pace, I will choose the direction. If you book the full submission experience, I will work you into sub space through communication and actions. If you like impact play, I will warm you up and then get into it (I am not a heavy sadist, so if you are looking for deep, intense pain, we will need to discuss that first to see if we are compatible), if you like verbal humiliation, I will get into your head and toy with you.


Depending on how long you have booked for, I will pace it, change gear, change activity depending on my mood and your reactions. You can let go, feel completely free in your chains, let your mind fly. I am here to guide and use you. 

When we are nearing the end, I will slow down, I will bring you back from sub space, ease you back up to the surface. Depending on how intense it has been and how long the session is, I will take more or less time for aftercare. We will need to discuss your aftercare needs before the session begins.

You may shower or not as you wish. Some men prefer to leave un-showered after a piss session for example, for a prolonged experience with my wonderful fluids, and that is completely fine. If you wish to take a pair of piss soaked, used stocking with you as a sweet souvenir, that can be arranged but I will need to know beforehand.

Then you can leave with new memories and experiences that you have always dreamed to live.