NEWS! Chastity Keyholding Service now available!


As quite a few of you have shown interest in online keyholding, I dedcided to try to figure out a way that this actifivity would be fun for me.


I wanted this to be the real thing, while still being a safe practice for the man and the dick in the cage. I wanted it to involve fun elements for me and torturous elements for him. 


So you can now check out my Keyholding page for the different packages you can apply for. Some more related to beginners who are trying to figure out if online chastity is an option for them, others for more seasoned chastity lovers. 


If you find that my options aren't quite intense enough, feel free to suggest something more intense.



What is chastity keyholding for Mistress Dolores?


It is not only a way to control your orgasms and your dick - I will be in control of your mind. I will randomly check in on you, I will send you photos and toy with you in online sessions (depending on the package you choose). I absolutely adore owning your dick! I want to hear you whimper and beg, I want to tease and deny, I want to laugh at your pathetic little member when you send me photos of it safely locked away for my pleasure.


Chastity is the ultimate control. You will be eagerly waiting for my creative tasks, you will be drooling over the sensual photos I send you wearing the key on my body. And the mind-blowing release you get when I finally allow you will be addictive, so be careful. 


What is chastity keyholding for you?


Maybe you need a firm hand to put you and your sexuality in your right place, maybe you love the tease and denial, maybe you yearn to be owned by me but you are too far away. Maybe you are dreaming of taking your orgasms to a whole new level. Maybe you love the idea that a woman who knows exactly what she wants is holding the key to your satisfaction. Maybe it is a fun game for you, maybe you want a more extreme, immersive experience. I love chastity in every form - and let's face it, I love being in total control of your dick.


Imagine how much fun this is going to be! Immerse yourself in a wonderfully frustrating experience where I will have you wrapped around my dominant little finger :)


Mistress Dolores