Boot worhip


You find yourself so drawn to my feet, I know that. You feel so at home on your knees before me, humble and showing dedication to me. You feel my eyes on you as you position yourself on all fours, lowering your upper body so you can kiss the tips of my boots the moment I allow you.


Worshipping boots has several things that makes it different from worhipping my bare feet. There is a layer between us, it creates distance, a coolness between us that accentuates our respective places. You don't get to feel my warm, soft skin, however the leather in itself is arousing too. It is stiff yet soft, it commands attention, it makes you dream and yearn for more. 



You see me sitting there, I am in no rush at all. I pace this, I take my time, I let you stew in your desire for more.


You watch me watching you, truly seeing you, seeing deep into that part of you that you never expose. You are vulnerable, you are at my mercy and it drives you wild. 


The boots are sexy, they make me feel sexy and powerful, they give me an edge quite unlike any other garment I could wear. The way they smell, the sound they make as I walk around on the hard floor. 


There just is something about boots, something quite wonderful :)