Professional Dominatrix Alicante, Spain

About Me - Who is Mistress Dolores? 

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I am not like any other Domme you have ever met or will ever meet.


From looking at me, you will never be able to guess where I am from, nobody ever has. My roots come from deep wilderness and freedom, and those are aspects of myself that I have learned to harness and direct so that I get what I want. I understand the darkness within us and treasure it. 


I will seduce your mind, I will read you and I will have you wrapped around my finger before you know it.


You may yearn to give yourself to someone who truly appreciates you and sees you for who you really are: a submissive man who is dreaming of giving himself to someone who understands him deeply. Or maybe you are after a more fun-loving approach to kink, and you dream of exploring a particular fetish you have with someone kinky, non-judgmental and experimental.

My approach to professional domination stems from a deep appreciation for the D/s dynamic and different fetishes and a keen interest in understanding your need to surrender to a Woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. 

I am not the loud, obnoxious, heavily made-up, leather-clad dominatrix you see in porn, so if that is what you are looking for, then look elsewhere. I am softly spoken, I wear little make-up on a daily basis but will dress up nicely for a dinner for example. I get what I want through seduction and tease, not by shouting. You will find yourself kneeling before me, not because I scream profanities at you, but rather because you feel my presence, and in that moment there is nothing you would rather do in the whole world than kneel. I am inside your head.
My dominance is based primarily on taking pleasure in understanding and using you, and I have a wide variety of fetishes that I use as my tools to do exactly that.



I don't want to make you feel like a maggot, I have a profoundly different approach from Dommes who make you feel you're worth nothing. I want to connect with you, see your vulnerable, submissive self. I see a lot of beauty in a submissive mind, and it is the only way I truly enjoy a man: when he does what I want him to do.

I came to BDSM relatively late in my life, in my early 30s, when I was ready to embrace it in a healthy, mature way. It has since become an integral part of me that I love and crave. I am a lifestyle Domme first, my need and desire to become a professional Dominatrix came later.

Cuckold and forced bi


If cuckolding, forced bi or submitting to me with another man are of interest to you, my husband can take part in that type of sessions. He is not submissive or dominant as such, but he loves kinky play and is more than happy to join in sessions with me. He is 43, fit and healthy, normal body. Pictures can be shared upon request.

My face pictures are blurred because I have children who are still in school in a rather small local community and I don't want them to have to bear any repercussions arising from my being recognized here. I can share pictures before we meet, I totally understand why you would need that. Rest assured that I am easy on the eye.
I speak several European languages, English is by far the one I prefer for kink. Spanish is 4th on my list of fluency, but negotiable for a session. Inquire if you have a preference for another language.

Online chastity / keyholder Dominatrix


I now offer weekly / monthly chastity keyholding if you crave submitting to me but you are just too far away.


Check my page Experiences for more information.